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Client Testimonials


"When I think back to my birth, I don't know what I would have done without my doula, Emily! She was there for the birth the moment I called her and stayed until we both felt comfortable with her leaving. From working with my husband and I with childbirth classes before the birth to packing and organizing the diaper bag for my two year old after the birth (without being asked), there was no chore beneath her. She was truly a "servant" to ANY need that she saw! I couldn't recommend anyone else!"
- Sharon, Jeremy, & Baby Julianna -
"Emily educated me through my first childbirth experience. She is attentive, extremely caring and very reliable. I felt at ease knowing what to expect and how to manage through it, thanks to her. When our family decides to grow we would love to have her there.
Thank you again for everything Emily!"
- Anna, Gregory, & baby Ivoribella -
We hired Emily somewhat last minute (38 weeks) thinking we wouldn’t need a doula for our homebirth. Hiring her was the absolute best thing we could have done! She was such an amazing blessing to have present and made my labor and birth such a beautiful experience. She was kind, patient, loving, and direct and I appreciated that. She moved with me through the progression of my labor during every single contraction. Her insight and suggestions were beyond helpful and her wisdom was exactly what we needed to keep everything running smoothly. She gave me confidence and strength and kept any fears I was having through transition far from my thoughts, instilling in me that I could have my baby naturally and my body was doing exactly what it should. She kept me hydrated and comfortable through the whole experience. She went above and beyond for me and kept me focused on meeting my baby for the first time. I cannot express in words how much I value this woman- she is an absolute angel and I really feel her being present was divine intervention. She wasn’t just a support for me, she took time to check in with my husband and family as well. I honestly feel like she is a part of our family after all that she did for us. I have her to thank for my birth going as smoothly as it did. We certainly aren’t planning on having any more kids, but if by chance we do, I guarantee Emily will be the first person I make sure is there. My family, (including my sister and mom) and I cannot stop talking about how wonderful she is and all she did for us. I plan on telling every pregnant woman I know about how great she is so that they can have an amazing experience like mine was. I know that if Emily wasn’t present at my birth it would not have been the same experience! I look forward to meeting with her for my postpartum visit- mostly because I want to hug her again and thank her again for all that she did.
- Danette, Andrew, & Baby Noa -
"Emily is an exceptional doula! From the moment she stepped in the room one could tell she was skilled and had plenty of experience. She knew my every need without me having to say a word. She helped me trust the process and listen to my body. Also, she gave my husband confidence and reassurance. Her nurturing motherly nature made me feel comfortable while she offered suggestions to ease the labor. The massages and positions she put me in really helped with the contractions. After my daughter was born she made sure that she was latching correctly and continued to give me advice. I will definitely contact her once I decide to have another child."
- Judith, Ismael, & baby Amelia -
“Childbirth is a bit of a nerve-racking, scary experience, especially since this was my first child and she wasn’t planned. Although I ended up getting an emergency c-section you were there with me during my 24 hours of labor. You gave me tons of massages, made sure I was hydrated, moved me around to help progress labor, helped me with my breathing, and filled my mind with positive thoughts. You helped me stay relaxed and comfortable during a time that seemed like there was no way of getting comfortable. You got my entire family to also help you help me, which was wonderful for me to have them all there helping. Thanks to you Emily, I was at least able to have a great labor experience and I am beyond grateful for that. If I could do it all over again I’d choose you to be right there with me. Thank you so much again Emily, you are a great doula!”
- Yasmine, Carlos, & baby Audrey -
"I feel as though I can’t put into words truly how blessed we feel to have you in our lives! Thank you tremendously Emily! We were beyond blessed that Emily was the on-call Doula at the birthing center the night I went into labor. From the moment she walked into the birthing room, she helped me in ways I couldn’t have even imagined. I thought beforehand that I wouldn’t need a Doula, but I was very wrong. She helped me to progress my labor when it was necessary and helped me to relax and rest when I most needed it. She allowed me to listen to my body and the cues it was giving me, but also gave me the guidance when I needed it, which helped me to further be at ease and anxiety-free during my labor. She updated my mother, who was worried as she had never seen a natural birth, nor known someone to have one, on everything that was happening, which kept her calm. This was our first baby and Emily taught me to listen to my own body. I am thrilled with my birth experience, my daughter and my husband. Not only did Emily help us tremendously during labor, but she also guided us through many experiences postpartum. From my first herbal bath with my baby to correctly latching during breastfeeding, to answering my questions day or night, Emily has helped me to feel fully confident and embrace motherhood, and I cannot thank her enough. I thought I wouldn’t want or need a Doula but next time we have a child I won’t hesitate to hire Emily as my Doula, who felt more like family throughout my entire pregnancy, labor and postpartum experience. We feel tremendously blessed to have her in our lives!"
- Jacqueline, Chris, & baby Juniper Lily -
"Emily is a compassionate birth support Doula! She's an absolute rock star. I'm so impressed with her dedication to help with the labor process. I was in a bind with my labor after several long days of no rest and she was the only person who stepped in and helped me progress from a 3cm to 8-9cm. If I hadn't been so fatigued, I feel that I would've had a successful VBAC. If I could turn back the hands of time I would hired her as my doula for pregnancy, labor and delivery. She made all the difference. She made me feel supported by breathing, moaning, positioning, supporting my partner and guiding us all the way through, with nurturing and respectful guidance. She showed me the light after so many hours of my labor not progressing. I know now that I can do a natural delivery but next time I have to be prepared with someone like her from the beginning."
- Bonnie & Baby Cohen -
"Thank you Emily for making us feel comfortable in childbirth class. We love how you engaged us through real conversation and activities. You are well-organized and clear in your presentation. Keep up the good work and stay passionate about the work you are doing."
- Sheena, Jason, & baby Malea -
"Emily, I am so grateful to have had you there as my doula. You were great, taking charge and helping me through the contractions, massaging the pain away during the whole birthing process. I loved how you incorporated Jesus into it. I felt you helped create a wonderful spiritual, physical, and emotional connection between me and my new baby. Thank you for being my doula."
- April, Larry, & baby William -
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